Premium Edition
Premium Edition
Premium Edition
Premium Edition
Premium Edition
Premium Edition

Premium Edition

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The Rolls Royce Of Lighters...

Very Powerful 

Over 10X Stronger Than a Regular Fire Lighter.

Have the coolest lighter in the room 

Your friends will gasp at how amazing this lighter is. Chances are they have never seen it before. Pull this thing out and impress every and anyone you meet.

Be Apart Of The Revolution

Soon all lighters will be electric. It's better for the planet that way. It keeps plastic out of lands fills.

It Saves You Time & Money 

Spend less money yearly on lighters. Spend less time buying new lighters.

Lasts Forever

Our lighter is made to last! Don't worry about dropping it, breaking it or anything else. Our lighters will last FOREVER., build to withstand anything


Battery: 7 Day Standby

Material: Stainless Steel 

Plasma Flame Size: 2 Inches

Display: LED Screen

On/OFF: Touch Activated Censor


2 Year Quality Guarantee

We know we have the best Electric Lighters in the world. We stand behind that strongly. Our proven track record gives our lighters a lifetime of over 2 years with the proper care.

We LOVE our customers!

Questions, comments or concerns? Send us an email and we will get back to you fast; Email us at We treat each and every single customer like family!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Abraham Ball
a great lighter!

Cool Lighter! It looks way more expensive than it was.

Flora Conner
a great addition to camping gear!

For people who love to do camping like me, this is a great choice. The lighter does not need to use any lighter fluid or propane. It can be easily charged by a USB cable and good to carry when go camping.

Lynne Cox
sleek design!

I am so happy that this product exists. If you like carrying a lighter with you and looking for a sleek yet simple lighter, this is the best one you can buy.

Jimmy Barber
a cool lighter!

I bought this light because I was looking for a cool lighter. This lighter is amazing and cute with nice colors. I love its USB charging function which makes it so convenient to charge.

Tracy Barnett
a great gift!

I bought this lighter for my boyfriend and he loved it!